Why every bride deserves to wear a vintage bride headpiece

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A little girl would dream of wearing a white dress, a veil to cover her face and a bridal headpiece. If one of these is missing, then that dream would go to shatter. That is why when you are about to get married, you shouldn’t forget about the vintage bridal headpiece. The head signifies the top that is why you should wear something deserving to be at the top which is the vintage bridal headpiece. Even a vintage wedding hair shouldn’t be ignored for the bride because your hair is the crowning glory of your life and it deserves to have the best accessory which is the vintage bridal headpiece.

The bride also shares the special day of her wedding that is why she should crown herself with a vintage bridal headpiece. You see when the bride walks through the aisle no one would be able to see her face that is why the head piece will compensate for it. The wedding, after all, is the time where she shines the brightest, and as the star of the day, she deserves to wear something worthy of her head which is the vintage bridal piece. With the vintage bridal piece, it completes the bride, and it will look like she is turning from a princess into a queen.

Every bride in the world deserves to wear a crown in their head and what better way to represent a crown then a vintage bridal headpiece. A vintage bridal headpiece can be in any design and any size because the vintage head piece is what makes a bride more special on her special day. Don’t think that there is a bride who wouldn’t want a vintage bridal headpiece because all the brides would want one since it makes them feel special and happy. The vintage bridal headpiece can’t be worn just by anyone after all because it can only be worn by the bride.

Without the vintage bridal headpiece, the bride would look like she isn’t complete or like there is something missing in here attire. You see, when you put the vintage bridal headpiece unto the bride, it would look like everything is in its place because there is always that feeling where in you see a bride with her head piece and everything just fits. That is why on her special day all brides deserve to wear a crown worthy of her, and that crown is what you call a vintage bridal head piece because nothing says better than a vintage bridal headpiece as a crown.

That is why if ever you are getting married soon, you shouldn’t forget to put a crown on your head which is the vintage bridal head-pieces. There are many to choose from and if you think you can’t find the one that goes for you, you will because a bride without a crown wouldn’t be much of a bride. That is why, if your wedding is still far away, this is your chance to wear something that signifies that you are the bride and this is your special day, this is the chance to wear a vintage bridal headpiece.

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Basic guide for wedding preparations

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Basic guide for wedding preparations

Perfect weddings are done through a series of challenging preparations and arrangements. The purpose of this guide is to help future brides prepare their own wedding. However, this guide may come in handy as well for new Wedding Organisers. Here are some useful tips when planning for the big event:

Months before the wedding

  • Start thinking about the general concept of the event. Is it going to be like a dreamy marriage or you wish to keep it simple. You should be able to conceptualize the theme and the overall idea of the wedding. The general idea will be your guide throughout the preparation. Everything that will take place during the event must conform to the general idea or theme. This will help you to have a focus during the entire preparation.
  • Make sure to look for a wedding planner that will work with you throughout the entire preparation if you are the bride. Likewise, if you are the wedding planner try to impart your ideas and work with the bride.
  • Check your budget if it is going to work. Make sure to consider all expenses according to your budget. Otherwise, all your sacrifices will be for nothing. Look for additional contributions to pay for other expenses like fares. Also, if you have already computed all the necessary expenses for the event, make sure to allocate contingency funds, at least 30% of the overall budget. Contingency funds will come in handy in case you need to replace some stuff or add things for the wedding.
  • Create your guest list so you could control who is coming and who is not. Make sure to have a head count list for all attending guests. In your invitation cards, add RSVP and place contact information to update the number of people attending the wedding.
  • Make sure that your date and venues are already reserved. The wedding planner should know at least one or two venues that perfectly fits the theme of the wedding.

Weeks before the Event

  • Look for videographers and photographers to cover the event. Ask them if they can do same-day editing for the videos and photos. It makes a dramatic culmination to show to the guests everything that happened during the wedding.
  • Book already caterers and entertainment gigs for the wedding. There are a lot of options to choose, make sure to hire the ones who can do stuff appropriate for the theme.
  • Check out some hotels to accommodate some of your visitors coming from other towns and cities.
  • Start looking for dresses and suits for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and for the groom’s men. Make sure that everyone has their sizes measured.
  • Make sure that you have arranged transportations for the guests. If you need to rent a car or van, please do it weeks before the wedding.
  • Look for florists and other contractors for other areas of concern during the preparation.

Days before the Wedding

  • Make sure that you already have a complete list of the guests.
  • Look for pastry chiefs that can perfectly capture the theme and apply it to the cake.
  • If you are planning for other events like shower parties, make sure that it fits your schedule.
  • Review your list and at this point everything should already have been prepared.

These are just some of the basic ones you need to look at. All other concerns must be carefully discussed with the wedding planner.

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Step-by-Step Guide in Shopping Wedding Dresses

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Step-by-Step Guide in Shopping Wedding Dresses

One of the tough things on your wedding checklist is looking for the wedding dress. That could be because as a bride, you just want to the most beautiful above all who will be attending. The wedding day is your day and you should be the one reigning. So to help you, here is the step-by-step guide in shopping wedding dresses:

Set the date when to shop

There can be too early or too late schedule to shop for a wedding dress. But whether it is early or not it is important that you set a date for your wedding dress shopping. You can set the right timing in wedding dress shopping. The right timing is by marking an on-sale dates where you can find the right wedding dress at an affordable price. Do not rush yourself while looking for the wedding dress. If you think it is not yet the right one, you can still choose some other dresses when you shop around.

Choose the location where you want to shop

This is also what you need to think of, the location or store where you want to shop wedding dresses. It can be in a small boutique within your area, or large warehouses and wedding dress rental shops. Either one you choose they can still provide you one of their best wedding dresses. However, be more careful when you choose online shopping. Make sure about the details that you need to provide them and the service they need to provide you as well. You may do wedding dress shopping Glasgow as one of the options.

Take with you what you may need

It is great if you have someone with you when you shop. It is better if they are the one who you can trust in choosing dresses. Bring with you bottled water since shopping might be exhausting there is something that you can drink. You can take photos of the wedding dresses if it is not prohibited. This is to give you more choices of what is best for you.

Research on the choices that will fit you and something you may like

You can research more choices online. You can check on websites that are showcasing their most popular and most buy wedding dresses. It can save your time in choosing because there are thousands of designs that you may find online. The bridal shopping Glasgow is one of the options you can research.

Be careful with sales people

Be careful with the sales people who you will be talking to. They are willing to help but then they might not give you exactly the wedding dress that you are looking for. Remember that they are sales people and aiming for a commission. They may not even care about how you would look with the dress they are selling.

Just have fun in looking for your dream wedding dress. Do not be discouraged if you are having a hard time in looking for the right wedding dress. You can always ask the opinion of the other people, but you are still the one to make the decision in the end.

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Wedding Planning 101: What is in there?

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Wedding Planning 101: What is in there?

Arranging a wedding is one of the most memorable events that will happen to any couple. This is an event that needs to be planned well so it can be successful and beautiful. There are so many things that need to be included in the wedding planning. As a wedding planner, you need to get the schedule of the wedding so you can have a certain span of time to ensure that the wedding will be planned well and can get everything covered. As this is going to be a memorable event, it is important that you make an outline of what should be in the wedding, from the entourage up to the wedding reception.

If you are going to be the wedding planner, whether professional or not, below is the standard outline of what should be in the wedding. Though there are Surrey wedding planners that can be the one to do the job for you, it is better that you have the idea of what you need in the wedding.

Venue of the wedding and reception: This is the first thing that has to be discussed. It depends on the couple if they want their wedding to be on their memorable place or it can be in a church just near their area.

Important legal papers for the wedding: These are also important to make sure that the wedding is going to be in the right place.

Theme: The theme of the wedding should match with the venue of the wedding and the reception as well. This will be decided by the couple. The theme of the wedding as well is how the couple is going to choose for the wedding dress and also the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen suits as well.

List of guests and sponsors: By determining how many guests and sponsors that can attend the wedding, the wedding reception, and the budget can be determined as well.

Invitations: This will be distributed by the couple to their list of guests and sponsors.

Floral arrangement, giveaways, and food preparation: This has to be prepared as well ahead of time, to ensure that there will be designs on the venue, there will be food on the reception and giveaways right after the event.

Photo and video coverage: This is also the most important part of the event, to capture every moment of the wedding, the before and after of it. There are wedding planning companies in London that are tied up with photo and video coverage business so they can cover each moment of the most important event of all, the wedding.

You can also consider hiring a DJ or band to help you in entertaining the guests during the reception. It is important that there will be a program dedicated to the couple and also to celebrate their wedding day. For food preparation, you can hire local catering services. There are times that the couple is just going to lean on to their wedding planners, so make sure that you discuss to them about what you can cover and what is not.

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How To Prepare For Your Wedding?

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How To Prepare For Your Wedding?

Preparing for your most awaited wedding might require months of preparation. Some people might even take years to prepare for it. The wedding is something that should not be rushed. Once both parties are ready, here’s how to prepare for your wedding.


The bride and the groom’s availability need to be considered for the wedding date. The season is usually considered. Ladies prefer to be a June bride. Some would like to be married at the end of the year around December with the thought of starting a new year together as husband and wife. The date of the wedding is not the only thing that needs to be scheduled. Fitting for the dress also needs to be added to the schedule.

Wedding dress

The wedding dress needs to be prepared as early as six months prior to the wedding. You can go around the wedding dress shops London to find the perfect dress for you. After finding the perfect dress, have it fitted. The wedding dress needs to be fitted three times. The first time is the day you find the dress. The second time is one month before the wedding. The last time is a week before the wedding. It needs to be fitted three times because a woman’s body is greatly affected by hormones. It goes through a lot of changes.

beautiful summer wedding that took place in the old city with wonderful architecture


Finding the best location for your wedding is something that the bride and the groom need to talk about.  If you can find a romantic location that is special for both of you, it won’t be hard to choose the location. The number of people that would attend the wedding is also considered. The location should have enough room for all of the people you’ve invited. A crowded wedding might just cause you a stress on your wedding day.


Think of all the people that are important to you and your fiancé. They must all be invited. The number of invitation must be sent out early. This would allow the people you invited to request a time off from work to be at your wedding. Some people even take choosing a wedding present so seriously. The invitation can be the regular invitation cards. Your wedding planner might come up with other ways of inviting people like in the form of videos or presentation to be sent out instead of cards.

Bridal Car

The bridal car takes you to the location on time. You might consider the dress you will be wearing. Wearing an extravagant wedding dress means you will need a car with more room inside. The car should have enough space for you and your bridesmaid.

Just married couple with balloons driving in the old timer car through the autumn forest and waving. NOTE TO INSPECTOR: car is an old timer type and with production in 1972

The wedding preparation starts off by deciding on the date of the wedding. The perfect wedding dress needs to be found. Then the location is to be decided with your fiancé. The people that you plan to invite should receive their invitation card early. The bridal car should have enough room to accommodate you and your bridesmaid.

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How to Find the Best Wedding Flowers Supplier

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You have said yes and the dates are set. You are to walk down the aisle soon, and as would every bride out there, you want the day to be no less than perfect. This is your moment and you would definitely want to make sure that you get to relish it. Since you are going to need to have the venue arrayed with the right blooms, you have to pay attention to the wedding flowers supplier in Kent that you will be referring to for the flowers that you will need on the big day.

Just like how you want to spend enough time to find the right wedding planner in Kent time and effort are needed too if you want to be sure that you are able to find the right wholesaler of the blooms that you need. You will have several options to select from though, which is a good thing. This means that you can take the time to look around and find out a number of details about these providers so the one you will end up with is not going to be one bit disappointing.


Find out if the supplier has the range that you need, the best choice are always those people that can give you assurance that they will have a large array of flowers that will be available for you to choose from. As a customer, you would appreciate it if you are going to be offered many choices. This gives you a much better chance that the provider is going to be able to successfully supply to you the kinds of flowers that you want at the quantity that you prefer as well.


See if they have the capacity to deliver the order that you plan on making to the location of your choice. While most of these suppliers may have the resources and the tools that will make it easier for them to end their socks to the various locations of the customers that refer to them, there may be limitations to what it is that they can do. So, never assume, make sure that you make inquiries ahead of time to determine if these are indeed people that can be trusted to successfully deliver these supplies to you.


You need to see the condition and the quality of the flowers that they will be delivering as well. You need assurance that the blooms that they will send out to you are no less than the best in quality and in the most pristine condition. You need assurance that they are not going to send out flowers that are looking wilted and several days old to your special day. That is only going to dampen the kind of atmosphere that you want to create using these blooms.


Just so you can be sure, checking out the feedback of people that have referred to them before. This can easily give you a better idea of the kind of service that can be expected of these suppliers if you are to tap them to supply you with all the blooms that you need on your big day.

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