Uses of the Marquee Hire

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Uses of the Marquee Hire

Marquee is a bigger tent that can be used for any occasions. It is known to be an alternative venue for any occasion that you would like to arrange. Instead of hiring an events place marquee hire is the best way to arrange the most memorable event that would be happening to your life. The price of the rent will depend on how large or small the marquee is. And to give you the idea on where to use marquees or when to hire marquees, you read the following uses of the marquee hire:

Marquee hire can be used for:


When you and your friends of any ages would like to organize ballroom dancing, you may consider marquee hire in an open space just near you. It is best if you have a large and wide garden that you can use to put the marquee that you will hire. From there you can decorate the marquee with a theme that will match to your ballroom dancing event. Hiring marquees can make a difference for the ballroom dancing event that you will be organizing.

Storage and for Industrial Uses

If you are not aware yet, marquee hire can be used for storage and for industrial uses as well. There are open-ended marquees; there are also temporary warehouse look, hard standing marquees, and storage tents. These marquees are good for storage and for industrial uses. Marquees would be a good alternative if you need to only temporarily store any supplies that you prefer to leave for storage. You can assemble and dismantle the marquees in case that you are done using them.



Marquee hire is great for wedding events as well. You can have a one-of-a-kind wedding event if you will be choosing marquee hire as your venue. Though you need a wider space for this to accommodate your guests this is a very good choice of organizing your wedding event. Since marquee is flexible, you can decorate it with the theme that you have for your wedding. This is the most memorable event in your life so hiring marquee is a great choice.

For all other occasions

Marquee hire for all occasions such as birthdays, family reunions, bazaars, family day events and many others, can be a memorable day for everybody. Marquee hire is not just only for weddings or ballroom dancing but also for any other occasions as well. You can consider this instead of renting a corporate function room for an affordable price.

There is a rent a marquee Essex that you can trust for the marquee hires that you would like to have for your events. There is no doubt in hiring marquees for any event that you would like to arrange. It can be the best alternative to any other venues that you may hire. You can even decorate it as well with what you wish to be the design of the event. Definitely your organized event or celebration is going to be a memorable one.

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Big Events to Hire a Marquee in Essex

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If you’re planning a big event there are tons of different issues you have to handle including the option  hire a marquee in Essex. The big tent provides many benefits, including the attendees safe from strong sunlight, wind, rain, etc. However, you might be surprised at the many different events that are ideal for marquees including the following ones:

1. Show
These are great events whether they involve music, paintings, or just about any other type of activity that’s celebrated at an outdoor event. Such events can be a great place to learn about a wide array of topics. However, they’re even better when they’re in the Great Outdoors when the weather permits. Besides that, the events can continue if it’s an especially warm day or it raining. The show can “go on” in such situations, and there won’t be any reasons to cancel the event as you might have to do without the marquee. The guests will also enjoy the show more if they feel safe and comfortable under a covering.

2. Weddings
This is easily one of the most popular and best reasons to hire a marquee in Kent. Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony and/or reception outdoors. In that case a marquee provides an excellent way of keeping guests comfortable during the spring and summer months in particular. Both seasons are ideal for outdoor weddings. However, some big issues are the possibility of rain, and the strong sunlight/UV rays during summer in particular. That’s why you should definitely consider hiring a marquee for such weddings. It will help the guests feel more comfortable and give you peace of mind about that. A wedding is a big event for a couple’s life, so it’s critical that all the guests are as comfortable as possible. That will be more likely if you hire a marquee for the big day.

3, Festival
This is yet another great event to hire a marquee for. It involves a series of events such as musical performances or drama performances. In fact, the festival can celebrate just about any activity. It’s even better when it’s outdoors since it creates a more enjoyable experience for the attendees. However, as with other events such as weddings and shows, there’s always a chance that it could rain during the event, and especially in the springtime. Meanwhile, hot sunlight and UV rays are a key threat in the summer, which highlights the benefit of the marquee’s covering.

4. Reception
This can involve many events including weddings. However, it could be other events too, and just about any one that involves food and eating outdoors. There’s definitely something special about eating outdoors on a sunny day. By hiring a marquee you can make sure that all your guests enjoy being outdoors without many of the issues that can arise due to the elements. Dining outdoors can help to make just about any event better than if it were held inside, but that’s only when strong sunlight and rain aren’t problems.

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Steps In Finding The Right Marquee For Your Event

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A marquee will be one of the most important things you should be thinking about whenever you will be organizing an event that will be held outside any structure. For this, you should be following these steps in finding the right Essex marquee for your own event.

ef4694ab720e847c2897ecd61ab08c78First, you have to determine the size of the marquee that you will be needing. There are various sizes available for this commodity. Typically, they have specific dimensions or measurements. In order to determine the suitable size for the item you will be renting, you should know how many guests will be attending your event. With that, you can estimate how many people you would like to group together per marquee. Whatever size you will be going with, you need to make sure that it will be big enough to accommodate several people. This is a very crucial matter especially in times when the sun is too hot or it is raining.

In addition to the size, you also need to be estimating the number of marquees that you must be renting.

The quantity is also dependent on the total number of guests who are invited to the celebration divided by the number of persons you would like to group under one big tent. You have to be very efficient when it comes to estimating such quantity as it will also affect your total cost. You should make sure that there will be enough items to serve as covers for the people who are there celebrating with you.

5a4510b98164028d43e8d65038de411fYou must be checking on the quality of the commodity that you are getting. You should make sure that each of the items will be durable enough to last for the whole duration of the rental. Aside from that, they should not also get torn easily as such situation will surely cause an uncomfortable position for the ones who will be using such commodity.

A budget must be set for this undertaking so that your expenses will be limited to only those you can really afford. However, you must always keep in mind that the price does not always reflect its quality. Such price must not solely relied upon when making a decision of choosing which one would be better for you or not.

It is important that you get quotes from some companies and have them compared with each other, alongside the quality of their services.

Upon identifying these factors, the experiences and reputation of each company that you might probably be going with must be evaluated. If you wish to be receiving only the best service, you should choose a company that is both reputable and experienced in this industry. Such firm will surely avoid doing things that could compromise their positive image.

The team that will be sent by the firm to the venue must also be observed. Such team, consisting of several members, will be setting up each Kent marquee. They also ensure the sturdiness of each item so that it will not suddenly collapse and cause accidents to the people under them. For this matter, the team members must all be skilled and qualified for the task.

Event Marquees

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