Uses of the Marquee Hire

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Uses of the Marquee Hire

Marquee is a bigger tent that can be used for any occasions. It is known to be an alternative venue for any occasion that you would like to arrange. Instead of hiring an events place marquee hire is the best way to arrange the most memorable event that would be happening to your life. The price of the rent will depend on how large or small the marquee is. And to give you the idea on where to use marquees or when to hire marquees, you read the following uses of the marquee hire:

Marquee hire can be used for:


When you and your friends of any ages would like to organize ballroom dancing, you may consider marquee hire in an open space just near you. It is best if you have a large and wide garden that you can use to put the marquee that you will hire. From there you can decorate the marquee with a theme that will match to your ballroom dancing event. Hiring marquees can make a difference for the ballroom dancing event that you will be organizing.

Storage and for Industrial Uses

If you are not aware yet, marquee hire can be used for storage and for industrial uses as well. There are open-ended marquees; there are also temporary warehouse look, hard standing marquees, and storage tents. These marquees are good for storage and for industrial uses. Marquees would be a good alternative if you need to only temporarily store any supplies that you prefer to leave for storage. You can assemble and dismantle the marquees in case that you are done using them.



Marquee hire is great for wedding events as well. You can have a one-of-a-kind wedding event if you will be choosing marquee hire as your venue. Though you need a wider space for this to accommodate your guests this is a very good choice of organizing your wedding event. Since marquee is flexible, you can decorate it with the theme that you have for your wedding. This is the most memorable event in your life so hiring marquee is a great choice.

For all other occasions

Marquee hire for all occasions such as birthdays, family reunions, bazaars, family day events and many others, can be a memorable day for everybody. Marquee hire is not just only for weddings or ballroom dancing but also for any other occasions as well. You can consider this instead of renting a corporate function room for an affordable price.

There is a rent a marquee Essex that you can trust for the marquee hires that you would like to have for your events. There is no doubt in hiring marquees for any event that you would like to arrange. It can be the best alternative to any other venues that you may hire. You can even decorate it as well with what you wish to be the design of the event. Definitely your organized event or celebration is going to be a memorable one.

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A Guide to Bed & Breakfasts in East Sussex

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A Guide to Bed & Breakfasts in East Sussex

East Sussex is on the South East coast of the UK and is home to a lot of the best towns to visit for a mini break. Rye is a vibrant market town packed with history, scenery and tons of wonderful hotels and bed and breakfasts. It has a huge fishing community and quirky independent shops all over the town. Cobbled streets and Tudor and Georgian buildings make Rye a medieval gem. Some of the nicest bed and breakfasts are tucked away in Rye and make for a wonderful town to stay in for a romantic break or for the family. In this guide we have listed the top 5 B&B Rye.

  • Saltcote Place, Rye. When you’re looking for a romantic break, Saltcote Place is a great choice; champagne breakfasts are only one of the amazing treats on offer. If you’re looking for a place to stay without children but with ample parking, this is likely for you. Saltcote Place doubles not only as a B&B but also a five star wedding venue. Every wedding has exclusive use, silver service and you design the day that you want. Relaxed and unhurried breakfasts are exactly what you need for a weekend away.
  • Old Borough Arms, Rye. A grade 2 listed building, they welcome dogs in the hotel for a fee and within 3 miles of Camber Sands, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. Not a large hotel with only 9 rooms, bed and breakfast is offered and The Mermaid Street Café is offering everything from breakfast, lunch and tea including ice cream!
  • Willow Tree House. A five star hotel in Rye, six bedrooms all ensuite and only a stones’ throw from Rye town centre. An absolute romantic hidey hole as children are not allowed under the age of 14 at this hotel. Ample free parking and both cooked breakfast and continental are on offer every morning. They can even arrange flowers and chocolates on your arrival.
  • The River Haven Hotel. A little larger hotel with 22 rooms, they have accessible rooms as well as a waterside restaurant on site. The River Haven is also used as an exclusive wedding venue and does allow children to stay in the hotel. A Sunday carvery is available and is overlooking the River Tillingham, so eating and drinking in style is standard practice.
  • Kings Head, Rye. Open fireplaces, comfortable rooms and lots of parking, the Kings Head has a lot of character and is only a ten minute walk to Rye centre. The restaurant takes full advantage of local suppliers for food and drink and children are most welcome. A hugely varied breakfast is served daily in the pub and the Wi-Fi is free! Then again, when you’re in such beautiful surroundings why would you need the Wi-Fi? Family run and finished to a high standard, the Kings Head is somewhere to go if you require a great comfortable bed at a reasonable cost.
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How to Hire the Proper Escorts

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How to Hire the Proper Escorts

Asking someone out to accompany you for a short while can be quite a difficult task to do. Especially if you are a bachelor, it will be proven difficult to casually get a woman to accompany you for a day just for the purpose of having someone to talk to and even for a simple company. However, not all women are up for that, especially if you are a total stranger to them. Luckily for bachelors like you, there is a service that is set up to accompany men for a fee. These are referred to as escort services, wherein women are paid to accompany their clients for a specific amount of time. There are different services offered by this kind of company, yet it all depends on the demands of the client. Most of the time, clients are looking for a companion and they pay the escort by the hour. However, if you are looking for an escort, it should be where you will be paid for the right value.

The safest route to hire escorts is through an agency. Yorkshire escort services are well known to provide the best escorts in town, which is obvious because they have been in this industry for many years. The reason why this is the safest is because all escorts are attached to an agency, and when you have complaints about the services of the escort you hired, you can complain to the agency directly. Also, most of their things are standardized. They came with a standard that replies to whatever inquiry you have. Escort agencies have websites with them, which makes it easier for you to look for answers that may be a part of the FAQ. These agencies also have the right to question you so that they can determine your personality. By doing so, they can recommend the right escort that will accompany you. It can be quite difficult to find the right agency, but the one mentioned above should be a perfect guide to start with. Keep in mind that once you have taken a liking to the escort agency, you start building up a long-term relationship with them.

There is also another way for you to hire escorts, but this one is going to get tricky. There are independent escorts, too. Some of them have worked at an agency before and decided to become independent. Most of the time their decision came from having a stable client base and there was no longer any sense with staying at an agency. Most independent escorts though have no experience working with an agency. However, those that have worked with independent escorts revealed there is not much of a difference at all. The services are the same and that they got the value of what they have paid for.

As someone looking forward to hire escorts, make sure that they are above the legal age. This is easily tricked with independent escorts, which is why it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not stepping over the legal boundaries.

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How to Find the Best Wedding Flowers Supplier

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You have said yes and the dates are set. You are to walk down the aisle soon, and as would every bride out there, you want the day to be no less than perfect. This is your moment and you would definitely want to make sure that you get to relish it. Since you are going to need to have the venue arrayed with the right blooms, you have to pay attention to the wedding flowers supplier in Kent that you will be referring to for the flowers that you will need on the big day.

Just like how you want to spend enough time to find the right wedding planner in Kent time and effort are needed too if you want to be sure that you are able to find the right wholesaler of the blooms that you need. You will have several options to select from though, which is a good thing. This means that you can take the time to look around and find out a number of details about these providers so the one you will end up with is not going to be one bit disappointing.


Find out if the supplier has the range that you need, the best choice are always those people that can give you assurance that they will have a large array of flowers that will be available for you to choose from. As a customer, you would appreciate it if you are going to be offered many choices. This gives you a much better chance that the provider is going to be able to successfully supply to you the kinds of flowers that you want at the quantity that you prefer as well.


See if they have the capacity to deliver the order that you plan on making to the location of your choice. While most of these suppliers may have the resources and the tools that will make it easier for them to end their socks to the various locations of the customers that refer to them, there may be limitations to what it is that they can do. So, never assume, make sure that you make inquiries ahead of time to determine if these are indeed people that can be trusted to successfully deliver these supplies to you.


You need to see the condition and the quality of the flowers that they will be delivering as well. You need assurance that the blooms that they will send out to you are no less than the best in quality and in the most pristine condition. You need assurance that they are not going to send out flowers that are looking wilted and several days old to your special day. That is only going to dampen the kind of atmosphere that you want to create using these blooms.


Just so you can be sure, checking out the feedback of people that have referred to them before. This can easily give you a better idea of the kind of service that can be expected of these suppliers if you are to tap them to supply you with all the blooms that you need on your big day.

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Things to Consider Before Opening Your Own Catering Business

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Food is definitely one of the basic needs of every human being. This is the reason why when people think of a business to start, they always think of food. A lot of people would like to franchise on some famous name sin the market. However, others would like to start their own food business. One of the best business that has always been thought of is catering business. But in reality, you cannot just start your catering business without doing some necessary things.

It is necessary that once you open your own food business, the government will surely regulate and check on you because there are so many diseases that are taken from food. As a matter of fact, some of these food diseases have been accounted for several deaths already.


So the first thing that you have to do is to have your business registered especially by the health department and the food department. Remember that if you do not pass their standards then you cannot seel food to the public.


Second, you have to get a hygiene certification. It is the duty of the government to protect its people from food that can make them sick. If the food that you will be selling is dirty and can cause harm, then your hygiene certificate will not be given. With this, it is very important to regularly wash your hands before and after contact with food. Aside from that it is best to cover your hair and your mouth as well.


Third, you need to protect yourself and your business so it is very important to have your business insured. You cannot predict of what might happen and possible accidents may occur. With an insurance, you have an assurance that you are going to still have what is due for you even if something has happened.


Fourth, you have to start purchasing the equipment and the trailer itself. You can always go for something that is brand new but buying a used one could be smart especially if you are just starting.


Fifth, it is also important to start marketing your business even if it has not opened yet. There are so many ways to market such as giving out fliers, using the TV and the radio, and of course the cheapest way would be using the social media since most people have their social media accounts.


In summary, running your own food business especially a mobile catering company should consider so many things before pursuing this dream. You have to make sure that you have passed the sanitary standards of the government. Once this is cleared, then all you have to do is to cook and meet the standards of the customers. Just remember that mobile catering companies  is surely a great hit those days until now because of its convenience. But it is also very necessary to continuously check yourself and your standards so that you can give off the best service that your customers deserve.

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Big Events to Hire a Marquee in Essex

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If you’re planning a big event there are tons of different issues you have to handle including the option  hire a marquee in Essex. The big tent provides many benefits, including the attendees safe from strong sunlight, wind, rain, etc. However, you might be surprised at the many different events that are ideal for marquees including the following ones:

1. Show
These are great events whether they involve music, paintings, or just about any other type of activity that’s celebrated at an outdoor event. Such events can be a great place to learn about a wide array of topics. However, they’re even better when they’re in the Great Outdoors when the weather permits. Besides that, the events can continue if it’s an especially warm day or it raining. The show can “go on” in such situations, and there won’t be any reasons to cancel the event as you might have to do without the marquee. The guests will also enjoy the show more if they feel safe and comfortable under a covering.

2. Weddings
This is easily one of the most popular and best reasons to hire a marquee in Kent. Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony and/or reception outdoors. In that case a marquee provides an excellent way of keeping guests comfortable during the spring and summer months in particular. Both seasons are ideal for outdoor weddings. However, some big issues are the possibility of rain, and the strong sunlight/UV rays during summer in particular. That’s why you should definitely consider hiring a marquee for such weddings. It will help the guests feel more comfortable and give you peace of mind about that. A wedding is a big event for a couple’s life, so it’s critical that all the guests are as comfortable as possible. That will be more likely if you hire a marquee for the big day.

3, Festival
This is yet another great event to hire a marquee for. It involves a series of events such as musical performances or drama performances. In fact, the festival can celebrate just about any activity. It’s even better when it’s outdoors since it creates a more enjoyable experience for the attendees. However, as with other events such as weddings and shows, there’s always a chance that it could rain during the event, and especially in the springtime. Meanwhile, hot sunlight and UV rays are a key threat in the summer, which highlights the benefit of the marquee’s covering.

4. Reception
This can involve many events including weddings. However, it could be other events too, and just about any one that involves food and eating outdoors. There’s definitely something special about eating outdoors on a sunny day. By hiring a marquee you can make sure that all your guests enjoy being outdoors without many of the issues that can arise due to the elements. Dining outdoors can help to make just about any event better than if it were held inside, but that’s only when strong sunlight and rain aren’t problems.

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How to Have the Best and Memorable Wedding?

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True love can always wait. Each one of us has our own story to tell about how we ended up someone in marriage. These stories are diverse but surely we all have been through the joy, the pain, success and failures, sadness and love. That is why before we end up this chapter and start a new one, it would be best to make it a memorable one, but how? Nowadays, there are already lots of wedding ideals that will fit in your taste. Each one of us has our own concept when it comes to wedding. But the problem is how to achieve it. To give you an idea on how to have the best perfect wedding that you have ever dreamed of, take note of the following:

Create your own concept – Conceptualizing a wedding by our own idea could be very much playful, fun and stressful at the same time. We ought to think outside the box and try to gather information on how to make it work. The most important thing is to keep in mind is to try to create a concept that is realistic and affordable or within the range of your budget. This will then be presented

Look an experienced events planner – Who else can make our plan extravagant and formal at the same time? It is the events planner who can correlate all our ideas and make it come true in a one special occasion. When you are looking for an events planner, make sure that they are well experienced. We are not belittling those who are new in the said industry that is why it is also of an utmost important that we take a look at their works for us to know their abilities and how good they are. Most of the event planners in Glasgow are known to specialize in several wedding concepts making them one of the most visited and requested event planners.

Document your special day – The advancement in technology is now being correlated in every event that we have. Nowadays, we can easily grab a copy of the events that have had happened during our wedding though a video. Most couples would love to hire an expert videographer who can create a special wedding coverage. Along with this, you have to make sure that the audiovisual (av) effects and quality should be of good standard for the people to enjoy watching the video in a high definition quality. Scotland av service widely offers good av quality that you will never regret.

Share your happiness – During this special day, we can never avoid that all important and expected visitors could come. They all have their own valid reasons that we should learn to understand. However, what we can do most for them is to provide them a copy of the wedding coverage for them to also enjoy the fun and blessing of the said wedding. There are several ways for us to provide a copy. We can actually send them a CD that has the bride and groom on the cover to make it more specialized. In line with this, you can make a direct order at Glasgow cd supplier for your convenience.

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